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BIG Rewilding News!

February 1, 2011

Tags: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Tony, Save the Elephants

From Lewa Wildlife Conservancy comes news that a bold and enterprising pachyderm named Tony has made rewilding history in Kenya. On the night of January 1, 2011, Tony took charge, leading several young males through the new elephant underpass on the Cape-to-Cairo highway, opened only four days earlier. His act of bravery has effectively re-forged a long-blocked link between the Samburu elephant population (of around 7,500) and those living on Mt. Kenya (around 2,000).

The 15-foot-high tunnel, brainchild of the Kenya Wildlife Service, will be closely monitored in coming days, as Save the Elephants follows Tony and his friends, now sporting radio collars. Built with $1 million in donations, including a quarter of a million from Virgin Atlanticís Richard Branson, the underpass may breathe new life into this crucial Mt. Kenya wildlife corridor.

Congratulations, Tony, and thanks to everyone in Kenya who made this happen!