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News comes from the Center for Biological Diversity that today’s Endangered All-Star is now one step closer to protection from the ever-finicky and glacially-slow powers at the US Fish & Wildlife Service. USFWS announced on Monday that the Oklahoma Grass Pink “may” warrant protection on the Endangered Species List. But don’t start celebrating  Read More 
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Good News for the Jaguar

On January 12, 2010, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it would develop a recovery plan and set aside critical habitat for the jaguar in the U.S. Facing a deadline of last Friday, the USFWS asked for an extension until this past Tuesday, and their decision—coming after disappointing news for environmentalists  Read More 
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San Francisco Garter Snake

SAVE THEM ALL: Today’s Endangered All-Star is perhaps the most endangered snake in America: the San Francisco Garter snake, with one or two thousand surviving in only two counties: San Mateo and a fragment of Santa Cruz. This subspecies of the common garter snake is a specialist, preferring to dine on a single  Read More 
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