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A Gentle Giant

The gentle Baird’s Tapir, Today’s Endangered All-Star, inhabits the murky semi-darkness of Central American jungles, snoozing in muddy wallows during the stiflingly hot days, browsing along well-trodden trails by night, eating fruits, seeds, twigs, and foliage. Too large for most predators—only a jaguar, mountain lion, or a full-size American crocodile could  Read More 
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Darwin's Orchid

TODAY’S ENDANGERED ALL-STAR: Darwin’s Comet Orchid is only one of many endangered plants and animals on the island of Madagascar, which contains a fabulously rich trove of endemic species. While never having been to the island, Darwin predicted that the Comet Orchid must attract a pollinator with a foot-long tongue, since the  Read More 
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