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“Now Is Not the Time for Ranting”

So says Mark Tercek, president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy—and former head of Goldman Sachs’ Center for Environmental Markets—in his comment on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on Cool Green Science, TNC’s blog. Tercek outlines the TNC’s response, which includes the mobilization of its “shellfish restoration team.” What  Read More 
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A Gentle Giant

The gentle Baird’s Tapir, Today’s Endangered All-Star, inhabits the murky semi-darkness of Central American jungles, snoozing in muddy wallows during the stiflingly hot days, browsing along well-trodden trails by night, eating fruits, seeds, twigs, and foliage. Too large for most predators—only a jaguar, mountain lion, or a full-size American crocodile could  Read More 
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