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Love Your Uncharismatic Microfauna

OK, so a fly may not seem all that loveable compared to ultra-furry pandas or cute baby elephants. But this stonefly is doubtless a critical part of its high-altitude glacial stream ecosystem. Little is known of its life cycle or role, but it may be almost too late to find out. Listed as critically  Read More 
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Rodent Week: Gunnison's Prairie Dog

It Ought to be Prairie Dog Day! Rodent Week continues on iWild, moving the spotlight to the Gunnison’s Prairie Dog, one of five species of prairie dog in North America that is edging ever-closer to extinction. Like the Passenger Pigeon, prairie dogs once numbered in the millions across the U.S. Now, due  Read More 
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Texas Kangaroo Rat

SAVE THEM ALL, especially the rodents: Today’s Endangered All-Star is the Texas Kangaroo Rat, once an essential part of the grasslands, working in conjunction with bison and prairie dogs to maintain the health of the prairie ecosystem. Over the past century, however, the rat has fallen victim to the use and abuse of  Read More 
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