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Can Social Media Save the Planet?

Maybe so...Check out the possibilities in today’s report at Yale Environment 360.


Then on your bike, as the Brits say, and start posting buds (Project BudBurst) and counting squirrels (yes, Project Squirrel): Citizen Science starts at home.

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Dan Janzen on "The Real Killer of Conservation"

“Apathy is the real killer of conservation. You know, I’m 71 years old. So I’ve seen [biodiversity] go from vibrancy all around us — wild forests everywhere — to trashed and void landscapes in my lifetime. So I remember what it was like when there was primary forest right up to the side of the  Read More 
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Dan Janzen Talks Turkey in Yale Environment 360

Be sure not to miss Caroline Fraser’s interview with Daniel Janzen, who has real answers about how to reform what’s wrong with conservation (fundraising run amok), how to beat apathy, and how to save the tropics. And congratulations to Yale Environment 360: Winner of best video, for Leveling Appalachia, on mountaintop removal, in  Read More 
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