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Elephant Parade & Date an Elephant!

iWild celebrates its 100th Endangered Species All-Star—the Asian Elephant— with news of the Elephant Parade, a truly Big event scheduled to break out all over central London in just 4 weeks. On May 3, 2010, baby Asian elephants will be disporting themselves everywhere, decorated by artists, celebrities, and fashionisti, from Tommy Hilfiger and Isaac Mizrahi to wildlife artist Richard Symonds. The Parade hopes to raise two million pounds for Elephant Family, a UK charity involved in protecting wild and captive Asian elephants, considered endangered due to loss of habitat in the wild. The 41,410-52,345 remaining elephants survive in highly fragmented and vulnerable populations. Elephant Family has a new take on the adoption-donation: They invite you to Date an Elephant! In return for a mere twenty-five pounds, you date a deserving pachyderm for an entire year, receiving “unusual gifts including beautiful love letters on recycled elephant dung paper, a photograph for your bedside table and, quite naturally, a Valentine’s card.” The great actor Stephen Fry has succumbed: “I’m utterly delighted to be in a long-term, loving and co-dependent relationship with an elephant. The rumours of a trial separation in October were nonsense. It’s true I flirted with an African elephant while on safari but it meant nothing.” Sounds good to me.
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