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"RIP Gordon Haber"

RIP Gordon Haber: Please read Shannyn Moore’s moving tribute to Gordon Haber, 67, an Alaskan wolf biologist who died in a plane crash near the Toklat River on October 14, 2009: http://shannynmoore.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/a-sad-wolf-song-rip-gordon-haber/ Haber had been studying the wolves of Denali National Park for decades and fought passionately against the state’s destructive aerial wolf-hunting policy. His website and blog present a powerful argument for wolf “culture,” which he believed grew out of “their unusual intelligence, emotional depth, expressiveness, sensory abilities, physical prowess, and especially their family-based social systems.” Moore, an Alaska native who interviewed Haber on her radio show during the fight against aerial-hunting, writes: “I wonder when the wolves howl tonight…do they know what an advocate, friend, lover of nature and defender of justice they have lost in the death of a man who knew them better than most. We have lost one of the pack leaders in the war to defend the wolf…on the same land where he mapped their lives. RIP Gordon Haber. RIP The Wolves He Tried To Save.” Photo credit: Florian Schulz
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