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The Spoon-Billed Sandpiper, today’s Endangered All-Star, is an incredibly unique and gorgeous little shorebird, breeding in the Russian Far East, along the Kamchatka Peninsula, and wintering in Southeast Asia. This bird returns to the same nest faithfully each year, but its very existence has been threatened by degradation of habitat, pollution, and development, along with so many other wetland species. Wetlands International calculates that 40% of waterbird populations are in decline, while a whopping 59% of waterbirds in Asia are under threat. There may be fewer than 3,000 Spoon-Billed Sandpipers left. The 10,000 Birds Conservation Club is trying to raise awareness of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper’s plight by offering club members the chance to win an original David Sibley painting of the Sandpiper. The three blokes who run the Club have raised funds for a recent survey of the Spoon-Billed, which graces their attractive logo, and the annual membership fee (only $25!) goes to support deserving “small-scale conservation projects.” Our favorite kind.
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