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Happy Cinco de Rhino!

That was the cheery greeting in my Inbox this morning, along with an invite by the International Rhino Foundation to give $5 to help deserving pachyderms. (I did, and it feels great!) Today we come to the close of Rhino Week and the last of our critically-Endangered All-Stars, the Javan Rhino. Built like a tank (like its close cousin the Indian or Greater One-Horned Rhino), the Javan was once common but is now reduced to two tiny populations, with 35-50 on the island of Java and only 5 or so in Vietnam. Yet the IRF, WWF and other groups are paying close attention to their survival, helping fund the brave park rangers who make up Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park. See a great video of a young Javan Rhino with attitude, showing what he thinks of wildlife paparazzi.
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