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Stork City

Richard Black, the BBC’s excellent Earth Watch reporter brings our attention to a tale from Japan, where the Oriental Stork, today’s Endangered All-Star, was extirpated in 1971: Modern farming methods destroyed wetlands along with the stork’s fish and frog food supply. Now, Toyooka City hosts the Hyogo Prefectural Homeland for the Oriental  Read More 
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Trouble Ahead for Tiny Cat

Breaking news highlights the threat to Southeast Asian wetlands: A mysterious, little-known species, the Flat-Headed Cat, Today’s Endangered All-Star, is even more threatened that previously believed because few forested wetlands in the region are currently protected. The BBC reports that a new study published in PLoS ONE has found that only ten to  Read More 
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Are We Eating the Rainforest?

Andrew Mitchell, in his latest op-ed for the BBC’s Green Room, “Big Business Leaves Big Forest Footprints,” says yes. Everytime we indulge in a fast-food burger or pig out at home on bacon and eggs and bread made with “vegetable oil” or “soy lecithin” or any of the millions of processed foods made  Read More 
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