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Japan Opposes All Protection for Ocean Species

Questions have arisen about the effectiveness of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species: During the 2010 meeting in Doha, Qatar, the Convention has voted against protections for bluefin tuna, red corals, and sharks. TRAFFIC and the World Wildlife Fund have criticized CITES’ failure to restrict trade that seems destined to wipe out  Read More 
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13 Ways of Looking at an Elephant

Talk to a dozen different people in Africa about elephants, and you’ll hear a dozen different views. Robert Mugabe will tell you that “every species must pay its way.” One biologist will complain about elephant overpopulation, and another will tell you poaching is out of control. A Kruger National Park official will tell  Read More 
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Common Seahorse

SAVE THEM ALL: If only the Common Seahorse were actually common! In fact, this All-Star is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, coveted by practitioners of Chinese medicine, aquarium enthusiasts, and tourists who buy them as souvenirs. In 2001, an estimated 24 million seahorses were removed from the sea, an unsustainable take. Since 2004, the  Read More 
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Bluefin Tuna

SAVE THEM ALL: Today’s Endangered All-Star deserves a break from the sushi scene: The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Wildlife Fund, and a host of conservation organizations agree that there should be an immediate trade ban on bluefin tuna. This critically endangered ocean carnivore is so overfished that populations have  Read More 
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