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“This Is a Crisis Situation of the Highest Magnitude”

That’s how Rick Hudson, president of Turtle Survival Alliance, described the plight of the Radiated Tortoise, today’s Endangered All-Star, in an article at Mongabay. Critically endangered, the species may become extinct within 20 years. The Radiated Tortoise once strode Madagascar in the millions but has been poached out of parks and its native  Read More 
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“Our Last Chance to Give Real, Meaningful Protection…

and…we missed it.” That’s Mark Jones’ view of CITES. The fundraising director of Care for the Wild International, Jones gave voice in BBC’s Green Room to what most conservationists around the world are thinking about CITES after Doha, the 2010 meeting that failed to offer “real meaningful protection” to any marine or  Read More 
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There Ought to be a Horror Movie…

...about Today’s Endangered All-Star, Rajah Brooke’s Pitcher Plant. Described in 1859 by Joseph Dalton Hooker, one of the great botanists of the 19th century and a close friend of Charles Darwin, the species was named after James Brooke, the first White Rajah of Sarawak. Found on the island of Borneo, this enormous pitcher  Read More 
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Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat

Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat It’s Rodent Week: The largest rodent in Madagascar, the Malagasy giant jumping rat might be mistaken for a rabbit, hopping around the dry tropical forest floor on its hind legs and living in burrows underground. But like so many of this island nation’s unique, endemic creatures, the giant  Read More 
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