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Tasmanian Devil

Today’s Endangered All-Star is the Tasmanian Devil, desperately in need of saving, the largest living marsupial carnivore since the extinction of the “Tassie Tiger,” or thylacine, in 1935. Over the past decade, populations on the island of Tasmania have plummeted by 60% as a virulent and transmissible cancer—passed from animal to animal by biting— Read More 
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SAVE THEM ALL: Announcing the Endangered Species All-Stars, a collectible series of trading cards & blog entries highlighting the world’s rarest and most endangered species. Each day in 2010, iWild will focus on another species of plant or animal in celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity. Up today: The Maui parrotbill. Raising Hawai'i, a  Read More 
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"RIP Gordon Haber"

RIP Gordon Haber: Please read Shannyn Moore’s moving tribute to Gordon Haber, 67, an Alaskan wolf biologist who died in a plane crash near the Toklat River on October 14, 2009: http://shannynmoore.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/a-sad-wolf-song-rip-gordon-haber/ Haber had been studying the wolves of Denali National Park for decades and fought passionately against the state’s destructive aerial wolf-hunting policy. His website  Read More 
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“Enforcement does not exist.” That’s the damning conclusion of Endangered Species International’s year-long undercover investigation of bushmeat in the Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville. The investigators found that as many as two western lowland gorillas—their bodies dismembered into hand-sized portions sold for around US$6—were being sold each  Read More 
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Panna National Park in north central India had 24 tigers as recently as three years ago. Now it has none. According to the BBC, Panna has become the second tiger reserve in India, following Sariska National Park, to lose every one of its tigers to poaching. And another, Sanjay National Park, may be the third.  Read More 
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